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Chana Furman nee Friedman – My Elengron family links as I gathered through my research on my maternal family – Banczewski. 
The first time the name ELANGORN –Elangern – Alengorn etc.. "jump" into my eyes was in February 1997 when I've asked at Yad VaShem "hall of names" archives to try and find the Pages Of Testimony  - POT, my mother – Lea Friedman nee Banczewski - gave in 1956. At that time the POT was only on microfilms and you had to ask for records from the devoted volunteers that worked at the archive to find for you. I got 5 records that one of them was of Miriam Banczewski's POT with the unknown name: born ELENGRON. The word was spelling in the Yiddish pronunciation what makes it much more difficult to follow after. The second news – on the record - was that Miriam and family lived in " Dombrowa,near by Grodno".          
Miriam - Mariasza Banczewski nee Elengorn was born in 1899 to Yaakov and Mina. She was a housewife and married Eliezer. Prior to WWII she lived in Sokolka, Poland. During the war she was in Poland.   
Mariasza was murdered in the Shoah.  This information is given on the Page Of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by her sister-in-law: Lea Fridman nee Banczewski in 1956. 
Miriam was married to Eliezer Banczewski and they gave birth (at least) to 5 children. Eliezer was my maternal grandfather – Aron Banczewski first born son (assume), to him and his first wife: Esther-Rachel [that's the name my mother remembered (without any other detail)]. From the POT I could put names for the children: Ruben – born 1921; Esther – born 1925; Mina – born 1927; Israel – born 1930; Yaakov – born 1933. (Ruben that was at age over 18 had a separate POT). 
It was not weird – for me – that Eliezer was match to a young woman from Dombrowa, the difference to Sokolka is about 30 K"M and such difference is a common when you aware to the Jewish custom of "shiduch" – match between families for marriage in about 50 -75 K"M 0f a circle of shtatlach. 
I tried to look after Alangeren – as the Yiddish pronunciation - at the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) but goy only – not found. Tried also: Langorn / Langer / etc…– and yet the respond was – not found.  
With this puzzle of information I added it on my maternal family tree under the title: Aron Banczewski first family – all details / information was taken from the P.O.T. Lea Friedman nee Banczewski - gave in 1956:

 (1) Litman Banczewski & Esther-Lea nee ?                                                                                                        
 (2)  Aron Banczewski & *Esther-Rachel nee?    
 Yaakov & Mina   Alangeren                                                               
 (3)  Eliezer born 1893 in Janow Sokolki  married     Miriam    about 1919 -20                                                   
 (4)  Ruben – born 1921in Dombrowa                                                                                     
 (4)  Esther – born 1925 in Domrowa                                                                                                      
 (4)  Mina – born 1927 in Dambrowa                                                                                      
 (4)  Israele – born 1930 in Dombrowa                                                                                       
 (4)  Yaakov – born 1933 in Dombrowa                                                                                                        
In summer 2014 few records (copied papers) arrived with some new information that put the name ELINGORN in place at my maternal family tree. The information on the record said:  It is the registration of death of RYWKA RUCHLA BANCZEWSKA, the wife of ARON. She died in PIOTRKÓW on 24 MAY 1902 at 3 P.M.   RYWKA RUCHLA BANCZEWSKA, nee ELINGORN died at the age of 32 years. Her parents were LUZER and HINDA. 
First of all, I've seen the name and understood that Miriam Banczwski maiden name is a real family name. Secondly, similitude Miriam's and Rywka-Ruchla maiden name shows that they could be from the same family. (Miriam married Eliezer – Rywka-Ruchla son). 

Then back to JGFF with Elingorn and find 4 researchers looking for this family in Horodna, Belarus. Looking at the map I found that Horodna – Grodna is about 35 K"M (east) from Dabrowa Bialostcka – where Miriam & Elezer was living and all their 5 children had born. I wrote to these 4 researches and had some correspondence with 2 of them. They agree with me that with such uncommon family name and close distance by K"M could be that LUZER ELINGORN, Rywka-Ruchla father was born to some far family branch.  
According to her death certificate Rywka-Ruchla was born to Lazar & Hinda Elingorn in 1870 probably in Dabrowa. She married Aron Banczewski in about 1890. They gave life to Eliezer in 1893. Eliezer was born in Janow Sokolki – according to the information on his P.O.T. from 1956.                                                                                                        Then 2 other records: one is the death registration of: 
ALTA GINDA (HINDA) BANCZEWSKA.  She died on 16 OCTOBER 1903 at 6 P.M. at the age of 3 years.  
 Her parents were ARON BANCZEWSKI and RYWKA, nee ELINGORN. That gives her birth time about October 1900.   
The other one is the birth registration of:  SZLAMA BANCZEWSKI was born on 25 NOVEMBER 1901 in PIOTRKÓW the son of ARON and RYWKA RUCHLA, nee ELENGORN. 
Aron Banczewski family tree enlarged with names – souls – information: 
(1) Litman Banczewski & Esther-Lea nee ?     
Luzer & Hinda Elingoren                            
(2) Aron Banczewski  and   Rywka-Ruchla                                            
(3) Eliezer – born 1893 in Janow Sokolki   (his family details  on page 2)                                                                          (3) Alta Hinda – born 1900    died 16 October 1903  in Piotrokow Trybunalski                                                           
(3) Shlomo – born 25 November 1901 in Piotrkow Trybunalski.                                 
 From the children names we can understand that LUZER died before 1893  - Elieze  and HINDA died before 1900 – Alta Hinda was named after their maternal grandparents. 
The short history of Aron & Rywka-Ruchla family was cut at Rywka-Ruchla death on 24 May 1902.  Aron got up from the Shloshim and 6 weeks later on 18 August 1902 married Zisle Markiewicz born 1882 to Daniel Mordechai, in Piotrkow Trybinalski. Zisle as a young bride arrived to Aron home where a 10 years boy, one little girl at age 2 years and a baby "welcomed" her.     
Aron & Zisle Banczewski together with: Eliezer almost Bar –Mitzva, Shlomo a 4 years child and the baby Yenta - that was born to Zisle & Aron on September 15, 1903 ( a month before Alta Hinda died), moved back east to stay in Sokolka where Zisle & Aron gave life to other 7 children – the third baby that was born is my mother Lea Friedman nee Banczewski. In 1936, 4 of them already immigrate to Eretz-Yisrael, 2 of them went to America, one of them enlisted to the Polish army, one died as a child. 
In 1937 Miriam & Eliezer Banczewski with all the children moved from Dabrowa to Sokolka. The reasons were both because Aron Banczewski was by himself at home and the economic situation became difficult. On summer 1938 came for a family meeting Eliezer's brothe Shlomo with his family (from Ukraine) and took the opportunity of photograph the family. 
This photo of Eliezer Banczewski was taken from a Shanah Tova card that was send to Eretz Yisrael about 1936 -38 
 Ruben , Esther, Mina,** Bracha, Yaakov Banczewski. The was born in Dombrowa.                                                        On the back of the photo the date was 28 Menachem-Av, 5648 –   August 25, 1938.  I didn't find – so far – any photo of Miriam Banczewski.    
Questions that came up in years:                                                                                            
A. what were the major reasons that took the young Banczweski family so far – about 400 K"M from Janow Sokolki –Dombrowa to Piotrkow Trybunalski?                                                                           
B. by going back east what brought Aron Banczewski to settled in Sokolka and not in Janow Sokolki ?                                                                                                                           
C. Assume that Rywka-Ruchla Elingoren was born in Dombrowa  what was the reason that Eliezer was born in Janow Sokolki*** unless in this shttetle lived the Banczewski family. (could be as on a POT of Miriam Krawczik – Aron's younger sister written that she was born in Janow Sokolki to Litman Banczewski & Esther-Lea in 1882). 
* The name Esther-Rachel as my mother put on Eliezer POT mixed up in her memory in 1956 with Aron Banczewski mother name: Esther –Lea.                                                     
** Lea wrote on the POT the name Israele –that's how it was written on Aron Banczewski family tree. 
The Name BRACHA was written on the back of the photo above, it was Eliezer handwrite.                                               *** from Janow Sokolki came the family of my mother-in-law. 
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