Podziękowania od potomków dąbrowskich Żydów - Kiki Harary, Neil i Dawid Wilkof, Michael Shuman.
Dear Dorota,
As always, you succeed in organizing a meaningful and moving way of keeping the memory of our loved ones alive.
The idea of tying red threads around the trees is so fitting to their memory - it touched my heart.
Thank you for everything that you and your students do.
Keep safe and stay healthy,
Big hug and all the best, Kiki
Dear Dorota
Thank you so much for this and for sharing it with us.
The pictures are particularly meaningful, as they reminded me of the visit to Dabrowa by my brother and I two years ago in late October. Then, as now, trees surrounded by fallen leaves. I will now add to my memory the haunting image of the red threads and of our relatives who were exterminated in Treblinka.
Yes, indeed, these are uncertain times and we hope for better soon.
Kindest regards.
Neil Wilkof
Thank you Dorota. May their memory forever be a blessing and, as always, thank you and all the students, for helping keep their collective memories alive.
Mike Shuman
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