1912 r.
List od kolejnego potomka dąbrowskich Żydów - ALANA LEVALA z USA:
My father was born in Dobrowa apparently now known as Dobrowa Bialostoka in 1912. He was born Yankel Levine or Lewin. He left for France before the war and lived there during that period and managed to survive eventually marrying my mother, a Parisian who wore a Jewish star throughout the war.
Eventually and through a highly circuitous route we ended up in the US .
I was intrigued by your Kaddish for Dobrowa artwork. I also have viewed the You Tube videos.
I am always looking for more information concerning my father’s family, including my grandparents, most of whom I am aware were either gassed at Treblinka or just as likely were slaughtered in Dobrowa itself.
I have a copy of the Nevins Memorial to a Shtetl, however little else.
If you could perhaps guide me to any other useful information source, I would be appreciative .
Thanking you in advance.
Alain Leval

2019-11-25 17:16:49
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