My name is Liana Sandberg and I'm writing to you from Canada. I have been actively researching my family's history as I would like to find out what happened to my family in Poland during the Holocaust. I have discovered that they were from what is now called Dabrowa Bialostocka. I still have so many questions and was wondering if you, or if you know of someone, who can help me find some answers.
First, I have to mention your "Day of Judaism." I was so very touched when I discovered that you and the members of the city come together to remember the vibrant Jewish Community that once lived amoung you. I can't properly express my gratitude and emotions that I have for you and this town. No wonder my family settled here. Not only are you honouring those that are no longer with us, who were taken from us so horrifically, but you are also bringing them back to life in a way. We now know that they existed. That they were here and we can remember them and honour them. To me, and the Jewish Community, this is a true gift. This is also the biggest step in fighting Anti Semitism and other forms of hate. It is important to remember, even if it is too painful. If we become complacant and forget, we run the risk of not learning from our past and repeating the horror.
Here is what I know about my family:
My Great Great Grandfather was Moshe Kalmanowicz. A relative of mine (his grandson) told me today that he thinks they lived at #3 Maja Street. Moshe owned a Flour mill and a Farm and was one of the six mill owners listed as members of the Jewish Market. I also found him on a list from Yad Vashem of Jews from Dabrowa who were murdered in Treblinka on Dec. 15, 1942.
His Wife, my Great Great Grandmother was Sarah Dina Kalmanowicz (Nee Srulish) This is how we would spell it in Canada. Not sure how to spell it in Polish so I have had no luck in finding anything about her.
They had 6 children- 4 of whom emmigrated to Canada through Halifax and settled in Montreal Quebec.
1- Rynah (Canadian Spelling) Kalmanowicz- She remained in Poland. She was the oldest of the children, was married and had four children. We don't know her husband's name and therefore her married name nor her children's names. We would love to have this information so we can properly memorialize them and honour them.
2- Tsivia- CIWA (in Polish I believe)- She was married to Isaac Staworowski. She emmigrated to Canada with her Mother-in-law Mari in 1927. Her husband had left earlier to get settled.
3- Ida- CHAJA- (they called her Bubbie or Bobel to "trick the devil") She emmigrated to Canada in 1929
4- Sam- ZALMAN MUNESZ- my Great Grandfather. He was born in 1910 and emmigrated to Canada in 1929, just shy of his 19th birthday.
5- Jenny- JENTA- She emmigrated to Canada in 1929
6- Elyah- Not sure how to spell his name in Polish. He was the baby. Much younger than the others. We believe he may have been born in 1927 which would make him around 15 years old when he died. (If he died in 1942 like Moshe). He never left Poland. I can't find ANY information about him either. My son is having his Bar Mitzvah this September and would like to twin his Bar Mitzvah in Elyah's honour since chances are he did not get to have one of his own.
We received correspondence from Poland with photos and handmade gifts and then the correspondence abruptly stopped. In 1946, an old neighbour from Dabrowa arrived in Canada and found my Great Grandfather. He told him not to go looking for his family in Poland as he won't find them. They were taken from their home and shot. Since there was no way to verify this as there is today, my Great Grandfather and our family have had to move on and live our lives not knowing. I was hoping that maybe you, or someone in Dabrowa would have access to files, interviews, photos/videos that perhapse I don't have access to or can point me in the right direction. I've attached the last picture that Jenny received from Poland. She gave it to my Grandmother. This is a picture of Moshe, Sarah, and their youngest Elyah.
So sorry about the long email. I want to thank you for your time and for the incredible and
important work that you do. You truly are an inspiration.
Liana Sandberg

2020-01-20 13:39:25
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